31th October 2020

Halloween Party

Hellprof.monster is a project that has been launched every year since 2000. It begins its work in honor of the great holiday of HALLOWEEN and lasts for 5 months helping people earn as much money as possible.

About The Party

Hellprof.monster is an investment project with a great reputation that has been operating since 2000. Here you can increase your investment thanks to the dark forces.

If you have any questions, you can go to the CONTACTS column and write to the Lord of Darkness himself, unless of course you are afraid of losing your soul, he will be happy to answer your question.

Great and terrible

DJ Remerson Huke

Lead DJ On Deadpoll

Lucifer-the great and all-knowing is ready to help his dark forces earn millions.

Cash contests every day

Be active in the project

Follow the project news! take part in terrible contests and bounties and get rewarded by the forces of darkness!

Halloween testimonial

Tukang Shihir

Man Eater

An acolyte of the Dark Lord will come for you and suck your soul out if you don't reinvest!!!

Invite your partners

And earn a hell of a lot of money

We offer a terribly profitable referral program of three levels 6%-6%-6%

Get the Ticket

Full moon

Min: 1$ - 666$
  • 0.666% per hour
  • For 666 Hours

Death night

Min: 666$ - 100000$
  • 1% per hour
  • For 666 Hours

All boiled in a cauldron of terrible profit

Last Deposits:

107708 2.10 Payeer
107708 5.00 Payeer
107708 3.00 Payeer
Dadet 1.00 Payeer
deysibella 1.00 Payeer
deysibella 1.00 Payeer
Sergik 2.00 Payeer

Last Withdrawals:

yupiter 2.00 Payeer
Mixail1993 0.10 Payeer
ZhannaS 0.10 PerfectMoney
ZhannaS 0.18 Payeer
Nabi 0.60 Payeer
davis78 0.19 PerfectMoney
Eldar007 1.00 Payeer